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The U-Factor!™
Unleash your Power & Be Unstoppable

Are the big breaks, job promotions, and financial success for everyone else but you?

Do you wake up feeling stuck in your job or your role in life and thinking that it’s just not fair?

Have you ever wished that you could break out of your current situation - that you could find that
secret key, wave that magic wand that others around you seem to have – and transform your life?

Well now you can BREAK FREE and be UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Maybe you started out in a job that you enjoyed – you used to get up in the morning excited about going to work. But now you feel stuck in a job, a role, a routine that is not getting you closer to your dreams and goals!

So you talk to your managers, your coworkers, your friends and everyone tells you how great you are! But why aren’t you getting that promotion, that great job that you will love, that new business, or making that big sale?

The fact that you aren't tells me that something you're doing isn't working! The U-Factor!™ works by telling you exactly what that something is so that...

  • You stop sabotaging your career potential through your conscious and unconscious behavior (your boss and coworkers aren’t willing or able to give you this feedback)
  • You will finally have the know-how - the secret key – to break free from the old behaviors and get that job, role, business, career that you have always dreamed about!

PLUS, during your private, personalized U-Factor!™ session, you'll discover:

  • Whether or not your boss and peers really see you as leadership material (for example, do you know how other perceive you? Are you perceived as being defensive, reserved, or aggressive?)
  • What you can do RIGHT NOW to turn your situation around so that you will be considered for future career opportunities.
  • The exact things you're doing, saying, and thinking that are repelling the job, the role, the business you want and the choices you may be making that attract jobs or roles that keep you “stuck” (Can you really afford to waste another minute in a dead-end job?)
  • What you can do right now to turn around your career and create unbelievable satisfaction in your job.

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