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Dr. Annette Gibbs-Skervin shares how she overcame challenges as a woman in I.T. and how she and the forty executive I.T. women she interviewed pushed through barriers to achieve executive level status. These barriers include

  • Overt and intrinsic bias
  • Lack of mentorship and managerial support
  • Workplace hostility
  • Unfriendly corporate culture

What Dr. Gibbs-Skervin learned from her own experience, and that of the executive I.T. women she interviewed, are four key themes that underlie the success of women I.T. leaders:

  • Overcoming bias and building a results-focused reputation
  • Finding and using your “Superpowers” as a confident leader
  • Taking ownership of your career
  • Playing to win the political game through relationship-building

To a woman in the midst of career crisis, these may seem like daunting tasks. However, SHE DISRUPTS IT! YOU CAN TOO! FOUR POWERFUL STRATEGIES OF SUCCESSFUL I.T. WOMEN provides practical tools to help readers identify the success traits they already possess. The author helps the reader use these assets to create an achievable map for success through their own personalized DISRUPT IT!® Plan. 

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